Future lighting solutions will be driven by requirements of total cost of ownership and a growing consumer need for intelligent lighting systems, with new designs, novel user interfaces and higher performance. Research and development in Europe will anticipate this shift to higher-added-value products and needs to move quickly to stay at the forefront of innovation, keeping the foci of the lighting industry in Europe. In Europe innovation needs to speed up in order to stay in the lead, having a clear threat from the Far East LED manufacturing companies. We have a lead in lighting in Europe which is threatened by both the market and manufacturing.

i-Tex targets the research, development and production feasibility of large area intelligent lighting systems based on smart coated textile technologies. Our partner Cibdol, who produces 100% natural CBD oils, helps us testing these systems and technologies

The i-Tex project will demonstrate smart-coated textiles for large area lighting applications that are based on cost-competitive roll-to-roll manufacturing processes. We anticipate that the technology will revolutionize lighting industries because of the low cost manufacturing process, also allowing for large area lighting systems in sizes that were never possible before.

The i-Tex project was partly funded by the EU .